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How to Cancel an Order

If you have placed an order online through our website, you can independently cancel it independently by sending an email to indicating the order number.
If the payment has already been made, we will refund the entire amount paid in a very short time.

  • If it was made via PayPal and has not already been sent, the full amount will be refunded.
  • If payment by credit card or advance bank transfer has been arranged, we will reimburse you in the same way, withholding only the bank costs if present always if the order has not already been sent.
In the event that the goods have already been shipped, the withdrawal or cancellation of the order becomes a return and therefore it is advisable to read the part immediately below regarding the Return of Goods.  

Return and Withdrawal of the Order         

According to the Legislative Decree 206/2005 it is possible to use this decree for the return of goods and the right of withdrawal within 14 days from the moment of receipt of the goods.
The return of goods is possible only if the goods have not been tampered with, opened or used.
If the original packaging has been compromised even minimally, the return will not be possible and we will not be able to refund the customer. If a food product has been tampered with or opened even in a minimal part it is no longer resalable and therefore no longer refundable by the company which leaves 14 days for the return of the goods purchased by mistake.
The return, where possible, includes the price of the goods excluding from this amount a contribution for the shipping costs from the warehouse to the customer.
The refund of the ordered goods will take place within 14 days from the return of the same which must be carefully packaged and sent to the address:
Viale delle Industrie, SNC, ZONA ASI 81020 - San Marco Evangelista (CE) Italia.
Shipping costs from the customer to the company are charged to the customer and must be managed with traceable shipping so that in the event of delivery problems of any kind, the courier will be responsible and not one of the two parties involved (customer, company). The goods remain the property of the customer as his responsibility until they are collected from our warehouse. To proceed correctly during the return, follow the instructions below:
  • Return the DDT (delivery note) if you do not have the invoice. The DDT is a fundamental part to allow the return or exchange of products;
  • Have the original packaging in excellent condition;
  • Communicate the decision to return the goods to the company;
  • Wait for confirmation from the company before sending the goods, otherwise it will not be collected.
  • If the return of goods is authorized, proceed with sending the goods to the address that will be communicated, using tracked shipments.
  • Wait for communication from the company for reimbursement;


To be sure of proceeding in the most correct manner, first communicate your intentions to the company and request support for the operation. Unfortunately, it may happen that during the transport phase the goods during their stay in the courier warehouses or during the journey are compromised, it is therefore advisable to collect the goods by specifying to the courier that the "reserve verification" by the customer is used after the opening to avoid any problem and to have an additional guarantee of being fully reimbursed by the company. This step is fundamental for the reimbursement of the goods compromised during transport.

Purchase of Wrong Goods

VAs above, the possibility of return and refund applies only if the original packaging of the product is not tampered with, also in this case the shipping costs for the return and the shipping contribution from the company's warehouse to the recipient will still be withheld. Return the delivery note if you do not have the invoice. The DDT is a fundamental part to allow the return or exchange of products.

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