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Caffè Aloia "Bontà ed aroma" since 1934

Caffè Aloia “Bontà e aroma” since 1934.
Caffè Aloia, for over 80 years, offers quality and a unique taste to those who, from the beginning, have appreciated this brand. The typical Neapolitan aroma makes Aloia a coffee of incomparable quality that every day delights its consumers. The combination of quality and tradition is the element that consacrates Aloia as one of the greatest representatives of true Neapolitan coffee.

Vision & Mission

The great experience gained in the sector, the development of new technologies and highly efficient quality control, allows Aloia brand to be able in roasting, in the creation of blends, in package and conservation, in order to preserve the taste and aroma of real Neapolitan espresso.

We are also equipped with a guaranteed and certificate system to protect high quality (UNI EN ISO 900: 12008, Kosher, Halal, FDA and Organic). We scrupulously carry out the upgrading of all systems and the timely disclousure of discharges.


Negli Anni Aloia si è imposta sel mercato in ogni suo settore e ciò ha consentito non solo lo sviluppo del marchio ma ha anche offerto la possibilità ai suoi partners di intraprenderei nuove attività in maniera autonoma e con la massima garanzia di assistenza, avendo alle spalle un brand con oltre 80 anni di esperienza.
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