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"Coffee: which format to choose? Pod, capsule or ground?"

caffè aloia formato
Coffee, whether in pod, capsule or ground format, is a drink that has an enormous sensory responsibility on its "shoulders"

towards those who consume it, perhaps comparable only to that of wine. 

Both the pod and the capsule give comparable coffees, of excellent quality and this is because the market for these products has grown so much today and is aimed at more demanding buyers. 

The differences that can be appreciated between capsule and pod are very often only personal.

Both ways of preparing a coffee quickly, in pods and capsules, without getting too dirty and without getting your hands dirty, are equivalent
and their success indirectly confirms that the coffee produced is excellent.

The choice between pod and capsule can only be linked to our personal sphere of pleasure and to the ease of use and perhaps, to slightly different costs.

Preparing ground coffee with the mocha is part of the small gestures that immediately make "home", the taste of simple things, the expectation of pleasure
he aroma that invades the house so without a doubt the nostalgics and dreamers are the greatest admirers of ground coffee better if purchased in beans and ground at the moment.

And you? What do you prefer?

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